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Theta DilaSoft V Software for
Rate Controlled Sintering & Programmed Shrinkage

DilaSoft V for Windows 32

Windows Software for Theta Dilatometers performing Rate Controlled Sintering & Programmed Shrinkage.

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The PS dilatometer software operates the dilatometer under either standard temperature or programmed shrinkage (PS) control. Under PS, furnace power is adjusted based on specimen shrinkage. For sintering of powdered ceramics and metals, this has the advantage of generating temperature/time schedules which facilitate efficient densification. There are three consecutive windows associated with the software: the Profile window allows user specification of experimental parameters, the Centering window facilitates shifting the LVDT output, and the PS Dilatometer window displays the real-time progress of the experiment in both numerical and graphical forms.


Profile Window

Profile Window Changes can be made to experimental parameters by clicking on the blue text associated with each item, typing in new values, and either clicking "OK" or pressing ENTER. The uppermost container holds general operation parameters. The data file must describe the full path, and should have the extension ".prn". Two data files are automatically saved after the experiment is complete. The "datafile.prn" file holds data in a format compatible with the Theta data-plotting routines and ".prn" contains an ASCII-format file with the full data set in a different form. The Parameter File contains all of the parameters set on the last run. It is read in and used in the entries on the Profile window, so that only items which need to be changed have to be entered. The default (startup) parameter file is "c:\ThetaPS\Params1.txt", but the parameters from other parameter files can be called up immediately upon entering a new parameter filename.

Main Screen

Centering Window

The centering window is an indicator of where the LVDT core is positioned relative to the LVDT housing. Specimen dimensions should be selected so that after contraction, the LVDT output is within its full scale range as well as the full scale range of the data acquisition board. The Theta LVDT stage has an electronic offset which should be exploited for this purpose by shifting the position of the marker so that there is plenty of room for contraction without exceeding the full scale limit.. The Calibrate LVDT button permits calibration of the LVDT output based on the micrometer on the LVDT stage. Instructions for use will come on screen after the button is clicked. This calibration is set by Theta and may need to be changed only rarely over time. Clicking the Begin Experiment button will display the real-time plotting screen and start the experiment.

PS Dilatometer Window

This window displays all pertinent information during the experiment in both numerical form near the base of the screen and in graphical form. The colored lines in the plot are as follows: specimen temperature--black, setpoint temperature--blue, specimen expansion--red, and CTE-corrected expansion during sintering--green. When PS segments begin, and additional text container appears with pertinent information. The run can be safely terminated at any time by clicking the stop button in the upper left hand corner, or by pressing ESC. Either will save the data collected to that point and shut the furnace off. An additional button labeled Switch to Cooling will appear during PS, which when clicked will initiate the first cooling segment.


Data analysis remains unsurpassed in the industry offering the widest array of tools, charts, graphs, tables, printouts and reports. Analysis graphs and reports can all be completely customized by the user, printed immediately or saved to disk files for later retrieval.

Data Analysis

Note: the Report and Analysis portions of the software are not available in the Lite version.

Data Analysis

Compatible with Windows multi-tasking: permits experiments to run in the background while analysis is performed in the foreground.

User-friendly, easy-to-use mouse interface.

Floating toolbar for graphics oriented operations (zoom, point selection, etc).

Multiple windows for graphs and data.

Multiple pre-formatted graphic templates supplied for user convenience.

Automatic TMA and peak detection functions.

User selectable reference/offset temperature.

Temperatures can convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

Adjustable data smoothing.

Adjustable decimal points.

Automatic temperature transition point determination and plotting.

Complete Table of Results with user selectable temperature range or row range and increment parameters.

All reports can be viewed, printed or stored as disk files for later retrieval.

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