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DilaSoft I Full vs. Lite version comparison

Comparison of the Full and Lite versions of DilaSoft I

Comparison of the Full and Lite versions of DilaSoft I software
Version Full Lite
Full instrument control with 100 available temperature program steps. Yes Yes
Extended precision with correction file use. Yes Yes
Saves data files in standard ASCII format for import into any spreadsheet or other program. Yes Yes
Instrument specific Analyze software with charts and graphs, etc. Yes No
10 user entered reference materials Yes No
Delayed start of experiment Yes No
Printing of Quick report and all graphs Yes No

All other features of DilaSoft I are common to both versions.

The Lite version can be upgraded at any time to all the feature of the full version by contacting Theta Industries, Inc.

For a full description of the software,
Please select one of the following software description pages:

DilaSoft I for Windows software description.

Software for the Dilatometer; Rotating, Bending Beam and Parallel Plate Viscometer and DTA/TGA.

Also available is our two page DilaSoft I Software Brochure in PDF format.

DilaSoft III for Windows

Quench and Deformation Dilatometer software.

DilaSoft V for Windows software description.

Rate Controlled Sintering and Programmed Shrinkage for the Dilatometer.

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DilaSoft I Updates page for current additions and fixes to the DilaSoft I software.
DilaSoft I Software docs page for addition documentation.

Contact Theta Industries information.

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Download the DilaSoft I self-extracting demos now.

Note: The current demos are of the 16 bit software. The user interface is almost identical to the current 32-Bit software. New demos will be provided soon.


D/L Rotating Viscometer Demo

D/L Dilatometer Run-Time Demo

Please note: The demos now include the analysis portion of the software. There is no longer any need for a separate analysis demo.

The following documents are in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format:
D/L or view the DilaSoft I Software Flyer D/L or view the Correction File docs.(updated 06/00)D/L or view the Auto Data Name docs.
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DilaSoft I software for dilatometer, high temperature viscometer and DTA/TGA instruments.