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High Temperature Viscometer Instrument Inquiry Form

Please fill out all the following viscometer test information as accurately as possible. Then click on the "Submit" button to send this form to Theta Industries for processing. Make sure you enter your E-mail address and phone number so we can contact you! If you are not sure of any particular item, leave it blank and Theta will contact you for details.

Instrument Inquiry Form for High Temperature Viscometer

Submitted by Title
Organization Department
City State ZIP
Telephone Extension

1: Characteristics of Specimen to be measured
10 to 106 Expected specimen viscosity range in Centi Poise.
109 to 1012
1010 to 1014
10-2 Vacuum Desired specimen environment.
10-4 High Vacuum
Protective Gas Enter gas type if known.
2: Planned Applications, Phenomena, Materials to be studied.
Metal Coal Ash Slag
Glass Mold Flux Other
Educational Quality Control
3: Desired Instrument Configuration
Rotating, high viscosity 2000 to 107 centiPoise to 2300°C
Rotating, low viscosity, 20 to 2x105 centiPoise to 2300°C
Parallel Plate, 109 to 1012 centiPoise to 1600°C
Bending Beam, 1012 to 1016 centiPoise to 1100°C
Interchangeable measuring heads
Specimen Holder
Platinum to 1450°C Molybdenum
ODS Platinum to 1650°C Graphite
Sintered Alumina Fused Silica for Parallel.Plate and Bending Beam to 1000°C
B Platinel
500°C 1600°C 1800°C
1000°C 1700°C 2300°C
Temperature Programmer
Multi Segment Overtemperature Protection
Data Processing
PC Computer, Printer and DilaSoft I Software
DilaSoft I Software Only, no computer or printer
Numerical Readout
Reference Material
Calibration Oil for Rotating Viscometer Soda Lime Glass (NIST standard)
Boro Silicate Glass (NIST standard) Lead Silica Glass (NIST standard)
4: Time frame
Need Immediately over 3 months
in 1 to 3 months for future reference
Enter additional information, comments or questions


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