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Quench Dilatometer Instrument Inquiry Form

Please fill out all the following information as accurately as possible. Then click on the "Submit" button to send this form to Theta Industries for processing. Make sure you enter your E-mail address and phone number so we can contact you!

Quench Dilatometer Instrument Inquiry Form

Submitted by Title
Organization Department
City State ZIP
Telephone Extension

1: Characteristics of Specimen to be measured - 1.1
delta L Overall Needed accuracy for required resolution
10 ppm 0.5 %
50 ppm 1 %
100 ppm 2 %
Length Diameter 1.2

Specimen size

50mm 2" 25mm 1"
25mm 1" 20mm 3/4"
10mm 12mm 1/2"
6mm 1/4"
Desired Specimen Environment 1.3
10-6 mbar high vacuum
10-4 mbar high vacuum
10-2 mbar high vacuum Enter gas type if known.
Protective gas
2 Planned applications, Phenomena, Materials to be studied
Educational Materials
Production control (QC) Steel
Research Shape memory
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion Others
Phase transformation
3 Desired Instrument Configuration
Vacuum Pump
Diffusion Pump System
Turbo Molecular Pump System 3.2
Dilatometer Head 3.3
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion, alpha
Specimen Holder, Thermocouple 3.4
Fused Silica Platinel TC
Zero Expansion PL, Type S TC
Sintered Alumina
Deformation force sensor
Furnace 3.5
Liquid nitrogen quench
Deformation, double coil
1000 ºC 1600 ºC
Temperature Programmer
Multi segment (computer) 3.6
Signal Conditioner 3.7
With magnification for recorder
With digital display for computer
Computer, recorder 3.8
PC with printer
PC with plotter
Strip, 2 pen 25cm (10")
Software 3.9
DilaSoft I for CTE and alpha
DilaSoft III for Quench
DilaSoft 33 FD for deformation
Accessories, attachments, services 3.10
Constant temperature circulator Spot welder
Over temperature protection
On-site installation of instrument On-site service contract
Price Range and Time frame 4.0
$20,000 Need Immediately for future reference
$100,000 in 1 to 3 months
$150,000 over 3 months
Enter additional information, comments or questions


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