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Dilatometer Testing Inquiry Form

Thermal Expansion

Please fill out all the following information as accurately as possible. Then click on the "Submit" button to send this form to Theta Industries for processing. Make sure you enter your E-mail address and phone number so we can contact you!

Test Inquiry Forms for dilatometer Thermal Expansion

Submitted by Title
Organization Department
City State ZIP
Telephone Extension

Specimen: Specimen Material/Composition
Name Green Fired
CTE a cm/cm/°C Characteristics
Expected Specimen Thermal Expansion Softening Point: °C °F
Melting Point: °C °F
0.5 X 10-6/°C
2 X 10-6/°C Thermal Change:
5 X 10-6/°C Reversible Irreversible
25 X 10-6/°C (If irreversible, send preferably 3 samples)
D L/L_: Reaction With:
Expected Specimem Shrinkage Al2O3 SiO2 Aggressive Material
30% Thermal Mechanical History:
Other: Please Specify Below
Currie Point: Expected phase change associated with expansion.
Glass Transition:

Length Diameter Preferred Size:

25mm (1") long,
6mm (1/4") diameter.
Other dimensions on request.

50mm (2") 25mm (1")
25mm (1") 20mm (3/4")
10mm 12mm (1/2")
6mm (1/4")

Required Test Conditions: (Experiment Parameters)
Required Accuracy: High Accuracy 1/2% Economy Testing 2%
Standard Accuracy 1%
Sensor/Push-rod Force:
3g 10g 50g
5g 20g 100g
Maximum Temperature:
1000°C 1700°C -170°C to 600°C
1600°C 1800°C 2300°C
above 2300°C
Heating Rate:
1°C/min 2°C/min 5°C/min 10°C/min
Hold Point: up to 8
Heating curve only Heating and cooling curve
Specimen Environment:
Air Vacuum 10-3 torr
Gas purging cc/min Ar He H2 N2

Desired Results
Temperature profile of experiment (Temperature vs. Time)
Absolute Differential Expansion vs. Temperature
Specimen Expansion vs. Temperature
Mean Alpha (CTE) vs. Temperature
Instantaneous Alpha vs. Temperature
Instantaneous Alpha, Cooling vs. Temperature
Percent Error Deviation vs. Temperature (used for calibration)
Specimen Expansion vs. Time
Data Printout
Kiln Firing Curve
CD with Data

Enter additional information, comments or questions


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