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Inquiry Form for Spare Parts

for Furnace Consumable Parts

Please fill out all the following information as accurately as possible. Then click on the "Submit" button to send this form to Theta Industries for processing. Make sure you enter your E-mail address and phone number so we can contact you!

Consumable Furnace Spare Parts Inquiry Form

Submitted by Title
Organization Department
City State ZIP
Telephone Extension

1: Configuration
Horizontal Axial Thermocouple
Vertical Radial Thermocouple
Furnace Maximum Temperature
-170°C to 450°C 1700°C 2000°C
1000°C 1800°C 2100°C
1600°C 1900°C 2300°C
Protective Environment
Air 10-2 torr vacuum
Protective gas 10-4 torr high vacuum
Furnace Dimensions
Overall Length
Inside diameter
Outside diameter
Heating Element Material Spare Part Dimension
Nichrome Wire MoSiO2, Hairpin Overall length
Silicon Carbide, SIC* Tungsten Inside diameter
Graphite Outside diameter
Braided Insulating Board Holder Overall length
Inside diameter
Outside diameter
Thermocouple, Control, Type:
K S C Overall length
Platinel B Inside diameter
Outside diameter
Muffle Tube
Mullite Water cooling Overall length
Sintered Alumina w/o Water Cooling Inside diameter
Outside diameter
O Ring Set Note: Since 1998, new protection tubes are supplied with 40mm flanges.
radiation shield Felt Solid * old end OD 60mm to 1998
new end OD 57mm since 1999

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