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Dilamatic I
Dial Gauge Dilatometer

Theta Industries has been the industry leader in thermal physical properties measurement and manufacturing of scientific test equipment including Dilatometer, Viscometer and DTA/TGA instruments for over 40 years.  We remain dedicated to bringing our customers the finest in both software and hardware to create the most advanced thermal analysis equipment available.  We offer a full range of instruments for industrial, scientific, research and education including dilatometers, quench/deformation dilatomers and high temperature viscometers..

Dilamatic I  DILAMATIC I   Dilatometer
Economy push rod Dilatometer ASTM E228
Fast, rapid cooling split furnace Maximum specimen: 13mm dia., 50mm length
SiO2 specimen holder Type K thermocouple

Dilamatic I 1000°C Dilatometer
The Dilamatic I is the perfect instrument for educational, production, quality control or research applications.  It features a very small footprint and rapid test cycles with a fast cooling split furnace. The instrument can optionally be computer controlled for complete automatic analysis and storage of all data parameters and results.
Dilamatic I open Dilamatic I furnace
The basic instrument uses a high quality electronic digital dial gauge to measure the expansion or shrinkage of a specimen under the heating environment of the furnace. This system needs no periodic calibration procedures and is completely aligned and tested at the factory. The furnace control accepts up to 8 programmed segments of heating, cooling and dwell times. This can be expanded to 100 segments under computer control.
Dilamatic I gauge Dilamatic I head
The standard Dilamatic I accepts specimen sizes up to 13 mm in diameter and 50 mm in length. Using matched SiO2 push rod and specimen tubes for optimum accuracy. The furnace is a split design making specimen placement and cooling extremely fast.
Dilamatic I specimen holder Dilamatic I open furnace
With optional computer software , up to 100 program segments can be utilized. Temperature control can not exceed the acceptable maximum furnace, thermocouple or specimen holder temperatures.  All data is collected and saved in user selectable directories on the computer allowing full data analysis at convenient times.  High resolution charts and graphs are produced by the analysis module that can be printed or saved to generate a full report at a later time.  All experiment parameters are also saved allowing complete repeatability of experiments by simply recalling the saved experiment file.
Dilamatic I DilaSoft Dilamatic I experiment run-time
For rapid production testing, or occasional quality control checks, the Dilamatic I is a great instrument that is hard to beat, at a very affordable price.

See the flyer (in PDF format) for the new Differential Dial Gauge Dilatometer!
DilaSoft software for the advanced computer data acquisition control and analysis software for Dilatometer, Viscometer and DTA/TGA instruments.


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