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Theta Industries International Agents

Theta Industries has been the industry leader in scientific thermal testing and manufacturing of test equipment for over 40 years. We remain dedicated to bringing our customers the finest in both software and hardware to create the most advanced thermal testing equipment available.


This is a listing of our agents and distributors around the world. Questions about purchasing, testing or any Theta product or service may be addressed to the nearest agent, or directly to Theta Industries.


Theta Industries, Inc. International Agents & Distributors


USA Flag


Theta Industries, Inc.
26 Valley Road
Port Washington, NY  11050
Phone:  516-883-4088
Fax:  516-883-4599



Collotec Messtechnik GmbH

Am Viehtrieb 10
D-61194 Niddatal
Phone:  (49) 6034 7011
Fax:  (49) 6034 5895


Innowep GmbH
Haugerring 6
D-97070 Wurtzburg
Phone:  (49) 931/322098-0
Fax:  (49) 931-322-12

Korean Flag


Jang Ho Park
#946, Suwon Industrial Area
Kosek-dong, Kwonsun-gu, Suwon-city
Kyunggi-do, 441-813
Phon: (82) 31-298-9563
Fax:  (82) 31-298-9565
Jongro Industrial Co., Ltd.
Su Sang Yu
#29, Hallimmal-5 Gil
Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Phone:  (82) 2-2297-9900
Fax:  (82) 2-2298-6419



Delta Scientific
P.K. Acharya
18, Hari Ghosh St.
Calcutta-700006 India
Phone:  (91) 332 543 6076
Fax:  (91) 332 555 0202


PT. Era Mitra Perdana
Jl. Pondok Kopi III B, D6 No. 1
Jakarta, 13460
Phone:  (21) 860-3148, 923-6511
Fax:  (21) 860-3148, 861-9998
E-Mail :



China and Taiwan

Shanghai Pozhi Electronic Technology Development Co.Ltd
Room 306.Block8. No.135,Longcao Road
Shanghai, Post Code.200235
Phone:  (86) 21-54641487
Fax: 86-21-54646487




For information about the price and availability of Theta's latest software and equipment offerings call,
write, fax or e-mail to the address below for a prompt response. Or fill out our automated on-line Inquiry Forms right here!

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Theta Industries, Inc.
26 Valley Road
Port Washington, NY 11050
Phone: 516-883-4088 Fax: 516-883-4599 E-mail:


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